Pen Dalton

Pen Dalton

Artist, Writer, Critic, Researcher



“Dalton’s [painting] looks informal, loose and organic, only in that figures appear as a result of painterly  processes such as throwing, dripping, stippling, blobbing or pouring. What at first sight might be mistaken for spontaneity is highly precise and controlled, almost an aggregation of abstract painting “techniques”..... it has ... elements of the virtuoso performance". Andy Parkinson reviewing the exhibition Contemporary British Abstraction in his Patterns that Connect blog. 

These paintings identify with the working-class notion of 'the paint job.”  A good paint job offers value for money and unashamedly reveals painting as an economic activity. It sets out to produce a high finish, a pleasing decorative effect, and is not afraid of revealing technique. Historically, many contractual paint jobs are now regarded as 'art'.  

My sources are drawn from fine art painting techniques and genres - notably Rococco - as well as artisanal painting practices such as nail-art, coach-painting, housepainting, wallpaper, tole painting and card-art.  

[The prices of these paintings are tied to an imaginary DFS Sofa index]



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Location Walthamstow, London
Activities Lecturing, Critical writing, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Painting, Research
Tags paint, 'finish', good paint job

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