Paul Stopler

Early career

My current practice in kiln-formed glass explores the interplay between form and colour density. Through attenuating the glass form, I investigate the close relationship between colour and volume, revealing subtle transformations and alterations of colour and tone. The deeper the mass of glass, the more saturated is the hue derived from a single translucent colour. These shapes resemble vessels and yet are without voids, containers whose content is the transparent glass mass. The pieces are initially lathe turned as plaster models to make curvaceous flowing profiles. The concavity at the apex of each form offers a different view or pointer into the interior solid space. The surface of the form is then ground and polished allowing the inner dynamics of the piece to be visible. The inherent qualities of the polychromatic glass used in some of the pieces changes colour depending on whether illuminated by daylight, incandescent or fluorescent light-sources. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West