Photo: Paul Smith in Twickenham, London

Paul Smith

Artist, Curator, Gallerist

My work documents my interest in the lost and the found, what is passing out of memory and what is synthesized as trace in the landscape. Exploring lost places and capturing the essence of a moment of abandonment has been part of my practice since my earliest work, photographing the post-industrial landscape of the North East. More recently I have used these explorations of localities on the verge of returning to unofficial wilderness in dialogue with found material. Working between these two sources has informed a broader turn in my works to consider layerings and cuttings: the process of collage by which territory is shaped into landscape by human action. read full statement

Location Twickenham, London
Activities Workshops, Curating
Artforms Mixed Media, Painting
Tags Paul Smith, Painting, Collage, Photography, Twickenham, Kingston, Sunderland

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