Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson


I am a sculptor who works in steel, typically figurative work for exhibition and also to commission and site-specific public art.

My work might start from the current affairs of the day or a character from history but invariably tends to find the strangeness and comedy of the world around us.

I am drawn to social satire often using clothes and costume to explore the idea. Military uniform, school
uniform, the business suit, cowboys and indians feature in recent pieces. My work tends to be humorous sometimes as gentle satire like the “Dandy Boys” fashion conscious fisherman from the 60s or more biting like the gold men in “Miser's Touch”, created at the time of the banking crisis.

I make sculptures that are clearly over or under life size. The large figures occupy a burlesque world where details are overblown to raise a smile, make a comment. I borrow imagery from the cartoon strip and from animation to add humour to my larger than life characters. I hope the humour helps to engage the audience and, especially in public art, helps to connect with them.
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Location Saxmundham, Suffolk, East