Photo: Pauline Woolley in Nottingham, East Midlands

Pauline Woolley

Artist, Technician

I have always held a deep curioristy between the links between science and art and for the last 12 years have made paintings based around this subject matter. My practice is rooted in the phenomenon of science and the enviroment and I am currently using photography and drawing to explore this. Subterranean (and above), is a series of work derived from my experience of spending a day underground in the Boulby Potash Mine in Cleveland kindly organised by rednile projects. This work is currently in progress and contains pieces made using photography, photograms, scanograms and drawing. The completed series will be shown at the Angear Visitors Centre, Nottingham University in May 2013. read full statement

Location Nottingham, East Midlands
Activities Further education