Pauline Greenwood

Early career

My practice is concerned with instability and the hidden anxieties posed by a mixing of nature and technology. I am interested in the contemporary sublime, the boundaries of which are unclear. There is a new force which seems to identify the sublime as been constructed by power and politics and this has lead me to want to investigate the landscape from a viewpoint that distances us from reality, a place where we can be watchers, not participants, possibly voyeuristic. Perhaps it is a nostalgic lament for what has passed or perhaps it points to technology out of control and the interruption of the wilderness. My paintings try and convey a landscape in metamorphosis, an unstable force, which is a cycle of destruction and renewal. I have interests in universal processes and evolution, also astrophysics, and this all feeds into my work. My interpretations shift depending on the spaces that I pass through and so I would like the viewer to experience this too. read full statement

Location Norwich, East