Photo: Paul Digby in Leeds, Yorkshire

Paul Digby


I graduated in 1997 from Norwich University College of the Arts. I have work in the Welcome Trust Collection and with private collectors. I have exhibited in including the RBS Gallery, Leeds City Gallery, the Cornerhouse in Manchester and the Saatchi Gallery. I have held residencies in High Royds and Rampton Hospital. I work with drawing, painting and sculpture. I sit on the steering group for the Yorkshire and Humber Contemporary Visual Arts Network . An organisation set up to help stimulate the regions art economy. I was the Director of the National Arts and Science Network (2010-2013) which had a succession of ACE commissions for stimulating dialogue between the arts and sciences with a series of exhibitions, conferences and seminars in the Yorkshire region. NASN consists of a twelve person board and four staff. I have been a Visiting Lecturer at Leeds Met. University and Norwich Univeraity of the Arts. read full statement

Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

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