Concepts There is no common theme to my work although areas of interest include perception, surveillance, watching and being watched, and seeing the bigger picture in the small details of things. I like to relate the theme and the method of working. Recent paintings in response to environmental concerns have focused on surface and the use of materials, the breakdown and disruption of the painted surface standing as a visual metaphor for the gradual erosion of Eco-structures and the disappearance of the pastoral and familiar scene.Using both oil and egg tempera, the paintings alter as the light falls on the surface. The view is modulated through fragments, broken textures and translucent paint layers. Influences Aesthetic/Formal Concerns,Environment, Literature, Philosophy, Emotions; own cultural identity (English, British); own gender (Female); Sexual Identity (Heterosexual) Career path I trained initially as an architectural historian and changed career in my mid-30s to study at Leeds College of Art & Design. Whilst developing my own practice, I have also worked as a community artist in schools, theatres, hospitals and for a number of organisations including Leeds City Art Gallery, York City Art Gallery,Yorkshire Sculpture Park, LMU, Heads, The Art House, Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah and the National Trust. The work has been broad and covered many techniques and themes including installations, textile hangings, sculpture and performance art. Established limited company Red Chalk in March 2003 to deliver arts projects in educational and community settings. Member of Leeds Sculpture Workshop October 2004- June 2006. Member of Westgate Studios, Wakefield 2007 - Present read full statement

Location Eyemouth, Scotland