Paula Groves

I learnt to weld in the industry after going to art college. I sculpt in mild and stainless steel (up until now) and the balance of these two metals is the key to the evolution, the work is untreated and evolves in the effects of the environment and elements. I play the part in the middle - thats now. As the majority of the material I use in my work is scrap steel. It has a story to tell. I clean it to show the history of its life, its dents, marks and scars, and with stainless steel highly polish some areas. So the idea for the piece comes from the metal itself - the shape it already has or how I can enhance it. Also I love purity in form - the pure forms of the circle, square and triangle and these reoccur as themes in my work. And now I'm starting to work in collaboration with other artist. read full statement

Location Rochester, South East