Paula Adams

Artist, Lecturer / academic

HOMESICK FOR SOMEWHERE ELSE: uncanny aesthetics, re-appropriation and object making as an analysis of architecture/the built environment Homesickness is an emotional response to actual or anticipated separation from the home environment or 'attachment objects' (i.e. those with strong, personal meaning) and is akin to nostalgia. Thus, being placed in an unknown or unfamiliar environment can create a sense of displacement and longing. This is a central theme in the work: decoding the psychological aspect of buildings and what they 'mean' - the way architecture reflects emotional states - and trying to capture this sense of the unknowable through the metamorphosis of buildings, objects and space, shifting their meaning, significance and function through how they then re-appear. Adams uses what is available (a room, a photograph, personal possessions) paring this down, cutting it up, re-assembling it, drawing onto it - getting past its surface appearance to create different sets of visual meanings. She starts with objects that have either been made or acquired - then re-appropriates their physical form and compositional structure, creating a 'false' environment or altered state that evokes character, narrative, mood and emotion - similar to the way 'mise en scene' does in film through set layout, lighting, props etc. The work resonates with Duchamp's comment that, to 'create' is to insert an object into a new scenario, to consider it a character in a narrative, which gives objects an anthropomorphic connotation and implies that a particular relationship is generated from the simple positioning of one thing next to another. read full statement

Location Newcastle, North East
Activities Higher education, Further education, Lecturing
Artforms Drawing, Film & Video, Installation, Photography, Sculpture
Tags art, photography, drawing, sculpture, film, collage, installation

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