Approved: 16.08.2006

Paula Adams


Approved: 16.08.2006
  • Location: UK, UK Wide
  • Activities: Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Workshops, Participatory projects, Gallery education, Project management, Technical installation, Photographic documentation, Studio practice
  • Categories: Drawing, Film & Video, Installation, Photography, Sculpture
  • Tags: art, photography, drawing, sculpture, film, collage, installation


These images act like souvenirs or memories of objects, architecture and the built environment. Some aspects of what we see are remembered more vividly than others – some missing, some distorted. This idea is reflected in the fragmentary nature of collage itself.

The originals are often found photographs that have been sold on or discarded because they have ceased to have any value to the original owner.

The work is cut with sections added and sections removed. The images then go through a process of digitisation by being scanned and printed large scale – approximately ten times the original size. This reveals the minute detail of the cuts and the work again returns to being composed of one single layer.

The final large prints represent a series of manipulations and become an original print again that can be re-cut and re-processed. The alteration of the images is achieved through the laboured physical acts of cutting, peeling, drawing, sticking, positioning and re-positioning.

CV & Education

CV Summary

Group exhibitions - CUT: Exploring Collage, System Gallery & The Late Shows, Newcastle 2016 - London Open, CGP Gallery, London 2015 - Multiple Choice, Queens Hall Art Centre, Hexham 2013 - Saatchi Screen, Saatchi Gallery, London 2013 - Festival of Thrift, Darlington 2013 - Group Show, EmptyShop, Durham 2013 - Terra Incognita, Stockton Arc (Mima emerging curators) 2013 - Temporary Address, Rednile, Northumberland 2006 - Opening Night, Mushroom Works, Newcastle 2005 - Cultural Landscapes, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle 2005 - Windows Wide Open, Side, Newcastle 2003 - BOOM + BUST, Side, Newcastle 2002 - Site, Norton Gallery, UK 2001 - Take Away, Middlesbrough Art Gallery, UK 2000 - All or Nothing, VANE, Newcastle 2000 - The Stroud Open, Stroud House Gallery, Gloucestershire 1999 - October, VANE, Newcastle 1998 - Exposure, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle 1998 - MFA Show, Newcastle University 1998 - Intersection, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle 1995 - Drawing Expo, Alexandra Palace, London 1994 - New Sculpture, Billingham Art Gallery, UK 1992 - Re-appropriation, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle 

Solo exhibitions - The Blue Wallpaper, Yukon Arts Centre, Canada 2008

Qualifications and training 1998 - MFA, Newcastle University 

Residencies - AA2A, Newcastle University, 2005

Commissions - Performance commission, HomeLiveArt, London 2013 - ARTVERT commission, The Crack Magazine, UK 2005 - Filmmaking commission, Northern Architecture, Newcastle 2004 - ARTVERT commission, photoNORTH & The Crack Magazine 2004 - Commission, Middlesbrough Art Gallery 2001

Competitions, prizes and awards - Research and Development Grant, Arts Council England 2005 - Research grant, Arts Council England 2001 & 2000 - Artists Award, Arts Council England 1999 - Artists Award, Arts Council, England 1998 - Viscount Devonport Purchase Prize, London, UK 1996 - Artists Award, Arts Council, England 1996 - Arts Award, Princes Trust, London 1996

Publications - Contemporary Art Society Multiple Choice 2014 - Terra Incognita 2013 - Temporary Address 2007 - Crack Magazine 2006 - Crack Magazine 2004 - Vane2000 - Vane99

Collections - Mima, Middlesbrough & Private Collections, UK