Photo: Patrick Lowry in Falmouth, South West

Patrick Lowry


My work is predominantly installation based and relates to my interest in our relationship with places. Often the work itself is intended to have a direct dialogue with the particular space in which it is presented. I use processes of replication and displacement, often combining and relating three-dimensional pieces to time based imagery and sound to form a unified audience experience in the hope of engaging the audience with lines of questioning. Whilst this engagement might initially relate to the physicality of the work itself, it would, hopefully, develop to consideration of the subject that is being represented, and how this subject and/or its relationship to both its physical and wider social environment might be interpreted and what it might imply. The recording of time and place is a consistent theme, along with a sustained interest in the urban, man-made, and unnoticed. These, and the problems of presenting to an audience through an exploration of dislocation and displacement, are the elements that seem to sustain my work. I am also increasingly becoming interested in making work that has an element of unwitting audience engagement, particularly if the audience is one that would not normally go out of their way to consider looking at art works. read full statement

Location Falmouth, South West
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Residencies, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Installation, Intervention, Sculpture

News & Events

  • Sculpture Shock Winner

    I'm pleased to have been awarded the Royal British Society of Sculptors Sculpture Shock prize for the Subterranean category