Patrick Caseley

Patrick Caseley

Artist, Graphic designer

Concepts:- I have been painting for many years - and during those years I have moved from the 'abstract' to the 'representational'. I put these words in quotes because I have found them to be conveniences; labels which convey a token idea in a superficial way. So - even the most 'abstract' of works in appearance can be the most accurate representation of what I see that I am able to produce (Door, Bodmin General). The converse of this, of course, is that the paintings which may appear to be purely representational have been abstracted from the totality of what is around me and given status from the structure which is perceived in this little bit of that totality (Cafe, Bodmin Moor). Many of the pieces are square - I find this format, together with a full 'square-on' view, presents a starting point of inarguability. There is a purity about the square - it does not depend on taste or fashion or some arbitrary set of 'rules of composition', while to confront your subject without fancy angles or tilted perspectives gives you an 'open face'. This then gives me a structure without frills and initiates a dialogue - albeit with side references and digressions - which I hope will progress towards a definitive statement. The aim could be said to be a kind of Mondrian with imagery.

Influences :- Favourite 'old masters': Rembrandt, Vermeer. Early influence: Ben Shahn. Delighted with 'pop', particularly Hamilton and Johns as they confirmed that what I was doing was 'ok' at the time it was needed. Concrete poetry.

Favourite photographers :- Walker Evans, Owen Winston Link.

Favourite musician/singer Ramblin' Jack Elliott.

Career path :- As a student I went through the usual British process of the time - NDD (Painting Special) at the Newton Abbot College of Art (1959) followed by ATD at the Swansea College of Art (1960). I taught for many years and was Head of Art and Design at Okehampton College from 1970 to 1995. I have continued to paint throughout that time, having had solo shows at various venues including Kingsbridge; Dartington Hall (twice); The Northcott Theatre, Exeter; The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton; and The Museum of Dartmoor Life, Okehampton. In 1975 and again in 1977 I was a prize-winner in the Westward Television Open. I regularly take part in an 'Open Studio' week which takes place from time to time in the South West of England.. During 2001 I had the privilege of living and working for six months on The Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada. Towards the end of that period Wendy Evans-Webb (Sculptor and Ceramicist) and I had a show there at the Haida Gwaii Museum (1. Trailer, Port Clements is one of the pieces which was made there). In 2003 I had a solo at The Art Store, Dublin.



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Location Lewdown, Okehampton, South West
Activities Private commissions, Photographic documentation, Graphic Design
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Graphics, Painting, Photography