Pamina Stewart

Pamina Stewart

Artist, Digital designer

At present I make creatures from seashells. In the past I was a painter but increasingly became interested in 3D objects and installations. These have ranged from fully functional interactive robots and manipulated toys. I am intrigued by the way the human mind reads behaviour and personalities into simple movements or assembled objects.

I started to collect the simple shell animals
that are often found at beach resorts, sold as souvenirs or made by children. These are often comical and badly made with lumps of glue stuck to the shells. I like the idea of taking a kitsch hand made object and making my own much larger and more sophisticated and elevating them to a fine art object to be displayed in galleries. They celebrate home crafts but also refer to many of these objects that are imported from the far east. It is a strange comparison. They are either unique handmade objects, usually made by children or equally handmade mass-produced objects, on the other side of the world.

My creatures are surreal objects; one animal made from what used to be the homes of many much smaller creatures. Kitsch definitely, unique and hand crafted but also with imagined personalities.Influences
Artistic, cultural, philosophical, psychological, scientific, kitsch, home crafts.Career path
1991/95 BSc Hons, Psychology, The Open University
1989/90 MA Fine Art, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
1986/89 BA Hons, Fine Art, First Class, Stourbridge College of Art
1984/85 Foundation in Art, Lanchester Polytechnic

Artist in Residence:
Sept-Oct 1999 Lahti Art Association, Finland
Aug-Oct 1996 Cannon Hill Nature Reserve, Birmingham
July-Aug 1995 Gallery 101, Ottawa, Canada
Nov-Dec 1994 Young Artists Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Jan-June 1993 Hodge Hill School, Birmingham

July 2000 Creative Ambition Award, West Midlands Arts
April 1999 New Work and Commissions Award, West Midlands Arts
May 1996 New Work and Productions Award, West Midlands Arts
Nov 1993 Project Funding Support Award, West Midlands Arts
March 1991 'Go and See' Grant, The Prince's Trust
June 1989 Nancie Cleve Award
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Location Birmingham, West Midlands
Activities Further education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Public art, Private commissions, Project management