Pamela Schilderman

The core subject of my work is uncertainty; I aim to provoke ambiguity in the viewer. I struggle constantly to resist the temptation to create work that is formulaic or safe. In striving to challenge my own methods of doing and perceiving, I want to create art that is unusual and exciting. If it is made impossible to understand everything there is to be seen in the viewer's field of vision (from any angle) then perhaps feeling could precede analysis. Perhaps then the work of art would be allowed to evoke a non-standard response in the viewer, a willingness also to forget, abandon the weighted significance we attach to explanations, information and literal meaning. I wish my art to appear organic but at the same time bear no resemblance to a specific thing or form in nature. I hope to create the impression of the work being alive as if even though it seems still, there is a sense of it growing imperceptibly, belonging to the space, filling the space. A crucial factor in all my work is the notion of intentionality. I want my work to be open to multiple interpretations. The salt crystals 'Bula Matari' achieve this to a degree through their individuality as they are all different irregular shapes; no two crystals resemble each other. I am fascinated by beauty, silence and the process of reading and being transported into another world. read full statement

Location Rugby, West Midlands