Photo: Pak Keung Wan in Birmingham, West Midlands

Pak Keung Wan

Artist, Lecturer / academic

My current practice is performed through drawing, moving image, photography and Installation. I liken these to transitional states through which my concerns with time and form, being and relations with the natural world are enacted, within which I manoeuvre. Drawing has been consistent throughout my practice. I see it as a type of behaviour, a form intrinsic to life and which inhabits me. Sensing from within, I feel acted upon as I am drawn to, drawn by. In the space of making lies a source for invoking forces beyond human agency. Gravitational attractions, the vestigial, biological time, such indeterminate energies chart a kinetics through the forms I employ, a descent from the incorporeal and made tangible, in a drawing, a (moving) still. Mediums are chosen to inform and articulate my ideas. For an ongoing body of drawings entitled Totipotenti, silverpoint is used to transcribe personal experiences of conception and loss. A medium that pre-dates pencil, it speaks to me about origins, of vision and form, a precursory vehicle for thought. Whilst in a related development entitled Lune, digital animation is utilised in order to 'give life' to hundreds of individual drawings which, in their static state, I see as 'still-forms'. I am conscious of my own form and participation within the work. Methods are devised in how to draw, as they are in how to stand, extend the arm, draw breath. Drawing for me is an expansive act. read full statement

Location Birmingham, West Midlands
Activities Higher education, Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Private commissions, Permanent exhibitions programme, Temporary exhibitions programme
Artforms Animation, Drawing, Installation, Intervention, Performance

News & Events

  • Artist talk at The Pen Museum, Birmingham

    The Pen Museum, Unit 3 Argent Centre, Jewellry Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3HS

    I have been invited to give an illustrated talk on the work I am showing for Museums Night and on my practice as a whole on the 1st June, Sunday 2.00pm.

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  • Interventions in the Pen Museum

    15/05/2014 – 17/05/2014
    The Pen Museum, The Argent Centre, 60 Frederick Street, Hockley, Birmingham, West Midlands B1 3HS

    I will be participating in a group intervention/exhibition at the Pen Museum in Birmingham during Museum Nights between 15 - 17th May, 4-8pm each day.

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