Photo: Oliver Smith in Bath, South West

Oliver Smith


My current practice is centered on making paintings based on various serieses of subjects, covering the A - Z Vietnam War Slang Series, the Mind Tattoo Series, and commision based paintings. Fascinated by cinema, spectacle and how they affect the viewer, I endeavour to recreate and represent this situation using objects and pictures, whilst deconstructing the event of experience and knowledge by combining image, film, video and sound. The viewer of my work will often be confronted by voluntary and involuntary nostalgic incidents, which manifests in us the most dangerous character of indecision; to yield and enjoy, or resist in fear. My art practice can also be understood as a personal search for knowledge, and an exercise that realizes memory as the mediator of imagination. read full statement

Location Bath, South West
Activities Web development
Artforms Film & Video, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags urban, spray, contemporary, war, pop, iconography, contemporary, pop, war, icon

News & Events

  • Atkinson Summer Show

    18/07/2014 – 09/08/2014
    Atkinson Summer Show

    My painting Mind Tattoo Series #1 Shogun Betrayal chosen. The Atkinson Gallery is proud to be hosting its 25th Annual Summer Show. The exhibition was open to submissions from across the country.

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