Early career

The traditions of the domestic and 'the home' are a major source of inspiration to my work. Everyday household objects can become metaphors to explore issues of gender, class and culture. My work bears traces of the past and of bitter sweet nostalgia, in much the same way as our bodies come to bear the same signs of the passage of time. I am interested in both the physical and psychological spaces we inhabit and our complex relationships to them. I am interested in what goes on behind closed doors, the public and the private. We cling on to the notion of privacy, in a world that is increasingly under surveillance. My work depicts a domestic scene. I want the viewer to move in and confront the interior, to see behind the closed doors of other people's homes. Wanting to see, trying to snatch a look at the inside as someone opens the front door, or looking through a nude window. The materials I work with are chosen for their emotional and visual content. Materials such as carpet and Hoover bags speak of the familiarity of everyday domestic life. My sculptures are a crossbreed of object and human, to become part of the furniture, to become part of a mundane chore. Out of the environment of the home the figures sit awkwardly to their relocation of the Gallery, missing that sense of belonging. Perhaps this is also a reflection of life within the home, the symbol of so much that is core to our well being, Security, Comfort and Safety, for some people home is an uncomfortable environment that they wish to escape. These figures are escapees being given the opportunity to live beyond the confines of domesticity, to be noticed, heard and appreciated Nina Reid read full statement

Location Worthing, South East