Concepts My work consists of machines that either move or have a latent element of movement. Many works have a particular object at their core that is animated, subverted or celebrated. Some machines require intervention by the viewer, others work continually and others are static. Each has a character beyond my design. They embrace uncertainty, fragility and the pointless. They have vague aspirations to utility, which are unattained. Some of them are built on a solid idea (unplugger), others take a more ambiguous approach (cube). This is technology from the shadows: absurd, paradoxical and on the verge of giving up.Influences Absurdity, found objects, junk, kinetic, old technology, India, London, filmsCareer path Trained (BA Hons, 1992) and worked as a graphic designer. Various commissions for designers, from model-making for television and record covers to 3-D illustration. Occasional work for the theatre, including an automated set for a children's show ('96). Corporate commission for Linklaters and Alliance for a set of four machines and a private commission for a mechanical ceiling, both in 1998. Machines displayed or commissioned for windows at Paul Smith and Bill Amberg, London. Teaching, including a residency at William Tyndale Primary School, community workshops at the Whitechapel Gallery, and Visiting Lecturer at Central St. Martin's and the Surrey Institute. Awards including the sculpture prize at the Fitzrovia Open, 'Best Album Design', Music Week Creative and Design Awards (both '96) and 1st prize at the Flying Egg competition ('01). Curated an exhibition of artists making moving work in 2002. read full statement

Location Monmouth, Wales