Nigel Petherick

Concepts My main concern has been a formal and intellectual approach to exploring surface and texture. Light, space and landscape still continue to influence my work. These elements are evident in pieces such as Seastone and Blue Swell. My primary chosen media has been paint; this has been supported, challenged, and developed through an understanding of theoretical and conceptual issues around the semiotics of imageryInfluences abstract, artistic, gestural, rhythmic, spiritual, sexual, subliminalCareer path The Foundation Studies in Art and Design was a diagnostic programme which allowed me the opportunity to explore a broad range of art and design areas, and enabled me to decide on areas of specialism for future study. The HND in Fine Art was essentially ideas based and offered me the opportunity to consider the nature of professional practice in fine art. I was able to develop a strong visual language and develop further my fine art identity. read full statement

Location Weymouth, South West