Nigel Grimmer


My diverse art practice is united by ongoing research exploring the relationship between images created for public or personal consumption, focusing on the language of domestic photography. Traditional family album images are shaped by strict, but generally unacknowledged, conventions that form a series of fixed narratives. Within my practice this language is highlighted, questioned and deconstructed allowing alternative frameworks for recording our experiences to be proposed. I work with family and friends creating new ?albums', foregrounding the artifice of our image making; these portraits do not try to imply naturalness or spontaneity, or to give an insight into the personality of the sitter. I have recently begun disrupting the integrity of the picture plane in order to highlight the flatness, and thus the artificiality, of the photographic object. Initially I created props that either reflected or absorbed light, producing a black or white void within the photographic image. I am currently experimenting with the introduction of a secondary picture plane within the photographic frame; for my new series Art Drag Album a collection of kitsch portraits are used to create ?windows' within the portrait causing slippage between the illusionary foreground and background of the photograph. read full statement

Location London
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Curating