Nick Turvey


I like cartoons, physics, parasites, shampoo advertisements, Samuel Beckett. It amazes me to be consciousness, in a body. My practice is the process of coming to terms with this, working out what to think and how to live, drawing the viewer into experiences that are shared, visceral, emotional. Acts are what matter. Acts, things, facts, events. I'm mistrustful of language, explanations, excuses. It's possible to say anything and everything. Ideas are easy. The challenge is to find a way, from the idea to an end result that is unforeseen, on which every step is a creative act. Materials already contain feelings, ideas, and history, so that making and doing are another way of thinking, using materials rather like musical instruments. I proceed by instinct and experiment.

Location London
Activities Residencies, Participatory projects, Public art, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Installation, Photography, Sculpture