I work across a range of media incorporating sculpture, painting, installation, sound and drawing. The fundamental underlying theme of my work is identity, my own and the 'subcultures' that revolve around 'Rock & Metal'. I reach into my personal history and fix upon moments of recent culture which continue to hold a fascination for me. (This is an unashamedly nostalgic move) However I - of course - recognise the broader significance of this material and am preoccupied by the way popular culture, with its attendant groups, gangs and dramas manages to shape our belief systems, lifestyle choices and hopes for the future. My starting points are a range of subjects that cross a diverse and broad spectrum: Overheard conversations, sci-fi & horror films, football, skateboarding and, especially, music... My practice is very fluid and intuitive. I like to let an idea run off in unexpected directions rather than having a blueprint from which to work. However certain key reference points give my diverse practice coherence. read full statement

Location London