Nathan Hughes


I work with fluid configurations of people, place and technology to investigate the interplay of mind, myth and screen. My practice is predominantly lens-based but also encompasses site-specific, son et lumiรจre events in the public realm. The Voyage into the Unknown mystery tours and commissions from The Natural Trust and Bristol City Council involved significant audience participation and engagement of young people and local communities. Between 2001-2006 I was principally engaged as strategic director of award winning media collective I Am The Mighty Jungulator. Our proprietary software drove inclusive research into generative audio-visual systems, innovative live performance, and commercial projects with partners such as The BBC, The Philharmonia Orchestra and Futurelab. As my interests shifted from non-narrative, technology led projects towards more human-centered stories, I wrote and directed a narrative short film, which screened at 2008's Encounters Festival. In 2008, during a residency in rural Spain, I distilled core themes within my practice, and worked in the landscape to produce photographic work informed by the evanesence of life, and the meaning of love as conditioned by death. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West