Natasha Carsberg

Concepts 'I teach technique led, explorative art as a means of empowering and inspiring children. By demonstrating how they can explore their thoughts and emotions through art, and then demonstrating how those artworks can be used to permanent effect in the school/wider community - this can be a permanent sculpture, garden design, change in approach to the curriculum.' Influences Environment and ecology, nature. Career path I am an experienced sculptor, gardener and garden designer. In my work, I use all three disciplines and aim to better understand how sculptures can be integrated into, and combined with,landscape/Garden design –and used to effect in the community. This was also the theme of my recent M.A. I currently live in North Essex, but travel across Great Britain and France, working with communities to produce site specific art: 'I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new landscapes, I find that I am constantly challenged and stimulated and I hope that my work reflects that.' I enjoy working with children of all ages because they remind me of why I became an artist: watching the joy on a child's face when they manage to join two pieces of wire together, or make a 3D artwork for the first time, watching them explore colours and shapes, and most importantly watching them realise the possibilities of those artworks. I also enjoy the challenge of making permanent changes to school curriculums, and working with teachers, in an equal partnership, to help pupils see how art is relevant to their lives and surroundings, and can be used in a practical way to inspire children to explore and learn. read full statement

Location Colchester, East