Photo: Narbi Price in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East

Narbi Price

Artist, Technician, Teacher, Researcher, Gallery educator

'On the way to the library to write this, I was sure I was going to see an empty packet of Space Raiders by the bus stop, but all I found was an apple core and a green balloon, unblown. Laurie Anderson once said that novels are full of things happening to people, but she wanted to write a novel about the spaces inbetween, where nothing was happening. Narbi's pictures would be perfect illustrations for that book. It takes a certain state of mind to choose a neutral object as your subject, to choose the mundane over the dramatic, the trivial exterior over the florid treasures of the inner world. On one level, there's a disavowal of the grandiose and histrionic, the expressionistic; on another, a gentle subversion of the hierarchy of values that underpins our seeing. The mundane and banal have had their champions - from Vermeer and Corbet to Lowrie and Hopper, from Roger McGough to Jarvis Cocker and The Royle Family. But Narbi's quiet studies aren't social commentary, pop celebration or living-room bathos. For me, in their carefully crafted blandness, they signify the presence of a willingness to let the world speak for itself. The absence of human subjects and deliberate lack of narrative place the viewer in a unique but uniquely familiar position - alone with the world as it is. The neutral object steers us between the twin magnets of attraction and aversion, and confronts us with something more challenging perhaps - the ambiguity of the everyday, the places we inhabit while nothing's happening.' (Text by Nev Clay, originally published in part in Summer 2009 show catalogue, August 2009)

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East
Activities Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Practice-based research
Artforms Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tags painting, john moores, acrylic, urban, formal, photorealism, canvas, abstract, geometric, lithograph

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