Mo White

Artist, Writer

I am an artist, writer and academic. I make work in film and moving image, photographic media and printmaking. My interests are in visualising gender, diasporic identity, and queer identities. For some time my work has placed my own body at its centre, in what has become a series of 'performances for the camera'. Recent concerns have been with addressing themes of dislocation, desire and memory and reflecting on the experience of Irish migration - this continues in current work in progress, Kitchen Accounts. Other film work in post-production, The 95p lime, is a performance for the camera and addresses themes of class and ethnicity. In other work, made during an AA2A residency at University of Wolverhampton in 2008 I began to address the theme of movement and stillness, and again to visualise the body engaged in an action. This work and interest in using traditional photographic processes and chronophotography is a continuing project. I was awarded a doctorate for research examining film theories which emerged in the 1970's and their effect on artists working in the moving image from 1970s to the present. I am currently developing a large-scale project to emerge from that on slide-tape and its use by artists in the UK during the 1980s. Influences Gender, sexualities, ethnicity Areas of work Tertiary education Exhibiting Lecturing Practice-based research Fundraising Project management Collections Birmingham Central Reference Library Archive Ex-Hail Video Archive, University of Plymouth read full statement

Location Birmingham, West Midlands