Photo: Morwenna Catt in Bradford, Yorkshire

Morwenna Catt

Artist, Maker

Morwenna has a degree in Art & Design and graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University. Her current practice includes textiles, painting, drawing, light boxes, installation and sculpture. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; notably at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Galerija Skuc in Ljubljana and Jack the Pelican in New York. She began to work with textiles as a post graduate student and is now best known for her embroidered 2D and sculptural works. For many years she has also designed and created extravagant costumes and public works. Morwenna has worked as a resident artist within museum settings producing new work and larger scale commissions in response to collections at several historical venues including the The Bronte Birthplace in Thornton, Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth, Preston Park Museum in Stockton and as well as three commissions for English Heritage. "I'm drawn to projects that allow me to tell stories and create narratives with objects. Not wishing to limit the media I use, I have incorporated photography, projection, x-rays, neon, ironwork, living plants, cutlery and paper sculpture into installations alongside my embroidered textile work. I try to create pieces that have an authenticity which people can relate to and for this reason my work is very often human or animal in nature. My work can have a dark, subversive edge but it can also be playful and humorous. It's important to me that people are intrigued, engaged and encouraged to tell their own tales. I find that children often have an instinctive understanding of my work because I often refer to the archetypes present in traditional folklore and Fairy Tales. I use snippets of handwritten text, scrawled, typed or embroidered over surfaces, photographs and bits of ephemera, which I print onto fabric, that encourage connections and get peoples imaginations ticking and whirring. I like objects to interact with each other and their environment and although I do exhibit in 'white cube' spaces I feel that my work resonates best outside of traditional gallery settings and doesn't look out of place next to objects of genuine history. I respond to objects and texts and their domestic and historical significance - things which carry their own narrative threads and emotional connections to people. I'm, by nature, a collector, gathering 'treasure' like a Magpie; objects, ephemera, rags, clothes, photographs, poems, texts - things used and worn away by human contact. I have a sense that a person retains a spark of life through the collecting and treasuring of things and the stories (real or imagined) that can be told about them." Morwenna Catt read full statement

Location Bradford, Yorkshire
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms Illustration, Installation, Public Art, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags fairy tale, narrative, animal, text, memory, site specific, museum, collection, embroidery, recycled

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