Miranda Donovan

With a mixture of cement, filler PVA and oil paints I build brick walls on board. I carve in intricate bricks using a knife and nails to bring about a textured and tactile surface, into which I can scratch, literally attack, make marks and onto which I can apply different painting languages. Graffiti is one kind of mark making I explore in my work. Aside from its universality and its illegal characteristics ultimately what draws me to it, is that it is a way an individuals voice is heard and by which a personal mark, though temporary, is left. Whilst exploring graffiti I began to consider types of housing such as architecture reminiscent of the Corbusian vision of a ville lumiere and types of housing which are non-architectural and temporary. However this interest has now shifted to focusing on the specific in architecture, at this stage bricks. Whilst I use particular, often loaded, graffiti style words and attack the surface, more often than not at random, ultimately I aim to combine fine art and street art into a coherent image which speaks of experiences and encounters, a word said, a look given, emotions felt. I am interested in the work of Jean Michele Basquiat, Dondi, David Hepher, Howard Hodgkin and Tapies. read full statement

Location London