Photo: Miranda Boulton in Cambridge, East

Miranda Boulton


Boulton starts with line drawings of landscapes and figures, which hold personal significance and meanings. She then works into these with paint and pencil, opaque washes of paint are then added in layers so that traces of all the stages of the work can be seen.  Finally pencil is used to draw into the paint until the initial image is held loosely and abstracted within the painting. 

This process dissolves her work from representational imagery into basic forms, lines and organic shapes, ending up with simple etched marks.  This allows the painting to be viewed backwards or forwards, the process is stripped bare.

‘Miranda Boulton uses graphite lines and washes of oil paint to navigate the space of the painting support. The resultant works express the tension between an image permanently in flux and one in a state of final resolution, with the decision making processes equally exposed and hidden in layers of suspended marks. Boulton’s work expresses openly the dynamism of its own making.’ 

 Charley Peters - ‘Correspond’ Review - Artists Newsletter September 2014

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Location Cambridge, East
Activities Private commissions, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tags Painting, Figurative, Landscape, Abstract, Drawing, Oil Painting

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