Photo: Miranda Boulton in Cambridge, East

Miranda Boulton


My work sensitively investigates feminine and masculine polarities within painting and drawing, any hierarchy or distinction between them is collapsed. The starting point for my work is line drawings of figures and landscapes, which hold personal significance for me. I repetitively use the same drawings to explore their meaning. Washes of paint are then added in layers, pencil is used to draw into the paint until the initial image is held loosely within the painting. This process dissolves the original image using paint and pencil marks, it mirrors the shift from Modernism, where the subject is autographic and individual to the reduction and simplification of drawing and painting within minimalism and conceptual art. The romantic idea of โ€˜selfโ€™ is replaced by a universal notion of repetition. By taking personal images through this process they become reduced to lines and marks, deconstructing our visual experience into its most basic forms. I use the final layers of drawing to move away from the historically perceived masculinity of painting and reclaim it in a feminine way. The light, delicate feminine feel of the work and lace like fragility of pencil line is important stylistically to show the distance taken between the beginning and final meanings. This procedure allows the painting to be viewed backwards or forwards, the process is stripped bare. read full statement

Location Cambridge, East
Activities Private commissions, Permanent exhibitions programme, Temporary exhibitions programme
Artforms Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tags Painting, Figurative, Landscape, Abstract, Drawing

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