Mik Godley

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Considering Silesia I'm interested in digital explorations, from pixel to painting and back again, and my project “Considering Silesia” examines issues of conflicting (Anglo-German) heritage, identity and migration observed in the context of our evolving relationship with the internet and new media - our digital “ways of seeing” - focusing on 'virtual expeditions' to my mothers' homeland (Lower Silesia - a place I've never been to) and the very 'analogue' activity of painting. Albert Speers monumental “Riese” (Giant), tunnelled by 28,000 slave labourers into the mountains overlooking my mothers hometown, the forested scenery hiding what "is most certainly the largest bunker and probably the largest headquarters constructed during World War Two", link to my own families micro-histories and a previously concealed part of my identity. And what were the Nazis supposed to be building there? A development of what the Allied pilots called “Foo Fighters”: new and radical types of aircraft meant to save Hitler's war - the Haunebu flying saucers. "Considering Silesia" has been exhibited from San Francisco to Baltimore, and from Edinburgh to Zagreb, featured in several publications, received awards and critical acclaim. . An impressive combination of methodical observation and technical draughtsmanship matched by a mature understanding of the medium and just the right amount of spontaneity and freedom give these studies a real sense of urgency, energy and vitality. (Matt Price, saatchi-gallery.co.uk February 7, 2007) . read full statement

Location Nottingham, East Midlands
Activities Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Education project, Digital, Drawing, Painting
Tags iPad, Watercolour, Field study

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