Mike Ambler

Mike Ambler

Artist, Writer, Lecturer / academic, Teacher

My work is currently in a state of flux. I have for years involved myself in photographing objects as signifiers but am now moving away from this and choosing an entirely new direction.

My current interest is in exploring historical spaces using digital photography. These spaces represent more than just the passage of time and the changes offered up through the centuries. Each space calls up a unique ambience, the potential for narrative, and the trigger for investigation. My initial selection of images captures the light in these spaces, allows objects to be re-born and surfaces to scream their presence. I call my images ‘Nuances’ as they are fleeting moments of my appreciation and can never be re-captured once extinguished. Added together they represent my response and appreciation of the whole.

I am however leaving an historical selection of past images on this site for reasons of posterity.

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Location Pickering, Yorkshire
Activities Secondary education, Further education, Creative writing, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Project, Digital, Photography, Research