Mike Ambler

Artist, Writer, Lecturer / academic, Teacher

Concepts My work is currently in a state of flux. I am involved in an examination of objects and personal experiences in relation to those objects, which become shared and accessible due to their recognition and subsequent inclusion in museum collections. I am interested in objects which belonged to popular figures in history and I am exploring lives, careers, relationships and experiences. The objects become signifiers of moments in time and my work draws on the energies of these objects and enhances their status as 'equivalents'. Processes and techniques Adobe photoshop has enabled me to layer drawings, collage and photographs and produce a digital synthesis of ideas which I call 'equivalence'. The generic term for my practice is 'Pixelism'. Pixelism is to do with the progression of ideas through experimentation with and subsequent manipulation of traditional methodologies using computer technology. Influences Digital, photographic, data, pixelism, Photoshop, Stieglitz, equivalence, equivalent, history, change Career path Promotion of 'Pixelism' and all that it stands for and the quest to have this term accepted into the English language.

Location Pickering, Yorkshire
Activities Secondary education, Further education, Creative writing, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Project, Digital, Photography, Research
Website http://blipfoto.com/LaurenceA1