Photo: Michele Whiting in Bath, South West

Michele Whiting

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

My art practice focuses on aspects of landscape consisting of photographs, moving image, installations, drawings, performance, painting and writing. Working reflexively across different mediums has enabled a visual language to develop that articulates what otherwise may remain remains unseen and unheard. My motivation is to exceed the material of the artwork to bring the work into an area of sensation felt in the body of the viewer- something beyond mere depiction that touches at the very heart of what it is to be human. By purposeful experimentation, uncovering visual findings and discoveries, questions emerging from practice are raised, and are examined experientially through practice. Space, place and site are critically examined acknowledging that while the works experienced possess powerful imagery, their impact extends beyond purely aesthetic definitions. In this way, I consider the event of the artwork as a mode of being that occurs in the interval between the viewer and the observed subject. I use relevant theoretical approaches to consider my works, drawing on a broad base of literature, including: Edward Soja, Doris von Drathan, Irit Rogoff and Yi Fu Tuan in order to investigate the central concepts. read full statement

Location Bath, South West
Activities Lecturing, Workshops, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Curating
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Environment, Film & Video, Research