Photo: Michele Howarth Rashman in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

Michele Howarth Rashman


I work in an insanely time consuming way - with each piece taking many weeks and months to complete. Each hand worked micro stitched mixed media sculpture is built up layer upon layer, using a unique technique that I have developed and refined over many years. It is a defiantly unmanly way of working in a persistently macho art world. Each piece has a life, a back story, and my work taps into a world of people, usually women, who somehow miss the mark. Bad hair, bad wigs and bad posture. Saggy breasted and sad eyed... these are the romantically deceived and disappointed, the washed up and invisible. And yet somewhere in their making an effort, in those little acts of self improvement - the eye make up, the padded bra, the flower in the hair - there is a poignant nobility. Given the amount of time I spend engrossed in meticulous close up work, it is inevitable that a profound rapport and connection is made with the subject that is individual to each piece. So despite the sometimes comical aspects of the finished sculpture, it is always my intent that my approach be viewed as humane and not mocking.

Location Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire
Tags sewn, sculpture, tights, soft sculpture, stitched, fabric, hosiery, women's