Michael Robbs

Michael Robbs began as a painter, before moving onto animation and now vector prints. His interest with computer technology began in 2001 after experiencing an irrevocable hard disk failure whilst working on an important document. As a result two large scale paintings emerged, titled ‘This program has performed an illegal operation…’ and ‘Network Breakdown’. These paintings examined the breakdown of visual language and mutation of form as a result of corruption. The theme of failure continued into a group of work called ‘Crash at 44.0 Kbps’, based on web pages and browsers crashing due to low bandwidth. These errors were frustrating and highlighted the fallibility of technology, but out of these glitches came an unintended onscreen beauty. The films and animations expose the computer processor struggling to render each layer and complete each transition. Different sections of layers appear and disappear randomly, combining momentarily to create a new abstract composition. read full statement

Location London