Michael Pegler

Artist, Writer, Researcher

Michael Pegler is an elected member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. A sculptor since 1978 working exclusively to commission since 1992 with sculptures represented in both private and public collections. His most important publicly sited projects can be seen in shopping centres in Birmingham, Derby and Basingstoke. Representations of further work can be found either at www.mpegler.enta.net or at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RA The broad aim of this practise is to produce sculpture that is expressive of, and experienced by senses of touch as well as sight; and by intuition as well as intellect. Design Process Ideas are developed through an open minded and flexible initial process that currently lends itself to the finished media of stone, granite or marble. Extensive drawing, fabricating scale models and creating intermediary maquettes feature in that process. A wide range of materials and techniques are employed in order to allow the work to evolve, including the traditional uses of graphic materials of all kinds, clay, wax and plaster. Sculptural Language Ranging in scale from the hand held to the monumental. The sculptural language is glyptic, the carved form, favouring full intersecting volumes that express an implied interior logic or anatomy. Surfaces will vary from chisel tool textures and flamed textures, to smoothly honed or highly polished or mirror-like surfaces. Presenting Subjective Content The initial subject of each carving is often derived from archaeology, history or mythology and can include reference to the human figure as well as other natural forms and architectonic structures. There is the strongest imperative to avoid any approach that might limit the natural scope and utility of the work. Many contributory influences will effect how the subject matter is presented but one aim is to balance levels of communication between representative interest and phenomenal interest. Alongside any pure narrative, there exists other structural, formal, material and process statements that are also intended as examinable content. Such content is actively looked for in the design as devices to inculcate diverse experience and open up an opportunity for the individuality of the viewer to be accommodated and contribute to his or her own enjoyment of the artwork at different levels. read full statement

Location Shrewsbury, West Midlands
Activities Public art, Private commissions, Critical writing
Website http://www.mpegler.enta.net