Photo: Michael Calver in Tiverton, South West

Michael Calver


My painting draws on a storehouse of recollected images.  I find new spaces, new architectures and I rob the virtual.  I absorb ideas from my sketchbooks : one discipline feeds another.

I am interested in the incongruity of elements within the urban landscape — the dramatic changes of colour and scale — the blocking of sightlines — the contrast between geometry and the skies — the contrast between the wastelands and new towers.  These provide starting points for my work.  Other times, I freewheel.

Colour is used to set an over-arching feeling tone and to establish spatial coherence.


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Location Tiverton, South West
Activities Practice-based research, Built environment, Exhibitions programme, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tags Abstraction, Colour Space, Urban, Modern Times Graphics

News & Events

  • Gottlieb Foundation Support Grant

    In April I received this major $25000 award from the Gottlieb Foundation in New York given to assist artists in the ongoing development of their work.


    18/10/2014 – 09/11/2014
    OSR Project Space, Church Street, West Coker, Somerset BA22 9BD

    Michael Calver is a painter who also uses graphic media - recently producing a series of scabrous images of our social ills. In contrast, his paintings use color syntax within an urban context.

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