Early career

Accepting the camera as an apperatus of capture, I attempt to push the boundaries of what the viewer knows is illusory yet accepts as real. My subject continues to be traces left by people in redundant spaces. The places I photograph are empty and are photographed as seen, not altered. I am not looking to document or comment, more to examine. There is palpable human activity yet the figure remains elusive - just beyond the frame. Working with the images, I make installations placing the photographs with objects which reference each other, but both the objects and the images could stand alone as autonomous pieces. The work, while addressing 'the everyday' - asks the viewer to re-asses their surroundings - to see the shapes, the order, the chaos and particularly random adaptations which further highlight the 'everyday'. The juxtaposition of the adaptations obliquely moves towards the absurd. The work interrogates the authority of the image and asks an open-ended question, touching the very nature of the photographic image - if it is possible to integrate a 2-d life sized representation of a 3-d object back into the 3-d world, so that it is no longer considered 'historic'? Selected Exhibitions Solo show - Unnoticed- everyday, Gallery No.1 Dublin, 2012 Curated commission - Is this the correct time?, Leeds, 2012 Wilderness - American Museum, Bath, 2011, 2009, 2007 Momentum - Bath School of Art & Design, 2009 97 Miles West - Truman Brewery, London, 2010 BANA Show - Bath Studios 2010 Migration - Bath School of Art & Design (Newton Park), 2010 www.melissamahon.co.uk read full statement

Location Bath, South West
Website http://www.melissamahon.co.uk