Photo: Melanie Guy in South West England, South West

Melanie Guy

Artist, Maker, Consultant

My influences come from all natural things and with Zen-like philosophy that ‘less is more’ I shed extraneous material to express the essence of Nature’s energy. Years ago I lived on a boat and sailed, so impressions of the elements and the environment are within my direct experience. Light animates the surface of the pewter that I use, but is ethereal and resembles transient and delicate qualities in the balance of the natural world. Reflections on the metal can be seen as a metaphor for self-examination – our own image seen against that of nature; her essence portrayed by simple lines and forms. As living beings we need nature to survive, yet our continued disregard is having unimagined consequences on this vulnerable entity. In making a primal scream for nature, I hope to kindle awareness of our ruthless treatment and devaluation of the environment. Like the light, our empathy with nature waxes and wanes – possibly a post-industrial whim or a dangerous fact? In an abstract mode I use a universal language that is devoid of cultural reference, to recognise her plight and promote a review of nature's beauty and to celebrate her amazing ability to regenerate. Concepts Environmental concerns. Abstract and semi-abstract mark-making with emotional content and interpretation from natural forms and experience, imagination and memory. Influences Environmental, interpretative, sensorial, aesthetic, functional, celebratory, monumental. Career path I originally trained in ceramics and worked for the Welsh craft market. I made simple brass jewellery for craft fairs in Florida. Then taught Art and Design as head of a secondary school art department. I developed methods in papier-mache, making work for theatre and festival and fulfilled a number of community projects and murals. I design children's play areas and other 3-D work which branches into sculpture for public art, many designs prepared. I won the Business Link South West Design competition in 1997, winning a commission to produce a number of trophies and I have since worked on other trophy commissions for awards. I produce fine art work in metal, and sculpture. I have developed methods which lend themselves to making beautiful things, some of which go into the designer/crafts market. While I look for further opportunities, I continue to make drawings and 3-D works for exhibition.

Location South West England, South West
Activities Practice-based research, Workshops, Private commissions, Events management, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Project, Environment, Intervention, Metalwork, Sculpture
Tags sea fluidity modular environment natural play design wallwork, relief exhibition

News & Events

  • Developing more work on plankton and the 'floating world'.

    Working on sculptural series - on pollution of the seas and exploring wood as a sculptural medium.

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