Megan Wyatt

As an artist I have always been interested in the qualities that different objects and materials hold. My work involves a wide range of diverse ready-made objects which I manipulate to create the impressions of painting machines. These machines have outcomes that deliver the qualities of traditional and contemporary painting by maintaining the painterly mark but also manipulating it. The marks are initially created through applying paint onto paper which is then laminated. The laminated paint is then cut out by hand and stuck back onto the wall to imitate the outcome of the painting machine. Something which appears to have been created through a split second movement has undergone a painstakingly slow process. Through the ambiguity of the painterly marks created the concepts of painting are put on a balance between destroying the medium whilst also advancing it. In one sense the purity of the paint is destroyed but in another it develops the possibilities of painting into a new realm. I create installations and work to use all of the surrounding space to its best potential which in turn encourages the viewer's eye to move round the space as a whole. Although the objects are motionless my work relies on an illusion of time and the human touch. The impression and the uncertainty of the machines process to create the numerous marks are vital. The question that is raised to the viewer is whether these machines have created the marks or whether it is the human eye which suggests this allowing the viewer to enter a world of illusion. read full statement

Location Chester, North West