Photo: Maya Ramsay in London

Maya Ramsay


A unique process is used to lift off the top layer of surfaces from historically and politically significant sites. 

The works capture the histories imbued in architectural surfaces, whilst referencing the idea of walls as witnesses.

The surfaces are presented as they are found - all of the marks, stains and debris that are seen in the works are those that already existed.

For the past six years the focus has been on an ongoing series of works in which the lifted surfaces have a relationship to armed conflict.

Some of the works are lifted from sites that are directly connected to armed conflict. Other works in the series are lifted from non-conflict sites and rely on the power of allusion.

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Location London
Tags walls, architecture, surface, political art, war, collateral damage, armed conflict

News & Events

  • Passage of Time

    29/01/2015 – 22/02/2015
    APT gallery, 6 Creekside, London, SE8 4SA

    Exhibition of mixed media work by Fritz Duffy, Iain Herdman & Maya Ramsay. Including performance of the Jimi Hendrix Project on 30/01 at 7.30 pm & 22/02 at 3 pm. Open daily Thurs to Sunday 12 - 6 pm.

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  • Artraker Award Exhibition: Art of Peace

    18/09/2014 – 25/09/2014
    a/political, 200 Union Street, London, SE1 OLX

    International award for art relating to conflict. 12 shortlisted artists presented in exhibition travelling to London, Colombo, Kabul and Paris. Exhibition open daily 12- 6 pm.

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  • Artraker Award - Art of Peace Exhibition

    International Art Award for art relating to conflict. Exhibition of 12 shortlisted artists, travelling to London, Colombo, Kabul and Paris.

  • Wall Talk / Maya Ramsay / The Cello Factory

    26/04/2014 – 04/05/2014
    The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8TJ

    Maya Ramsay won The London Group Solo Show Award and 'Wall Talk' is her award show. It will include work from the exhibition 'Station X: documenting the derelict buildings of Bletchley Park'.

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  • Interview for 'The Written Diaries'

  • London Group Solo Show Award 2014

    Maya Ramsay was awarded The London Group Solo Show Award and her debut solo show will take place from April 26th- May 4th 2014 at the Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Rd. Waterloo, London, SE1 8TJ.