Max Anthony

Artist, Agent
Early career

I've been working with religion and collage for the last few years, my first visual work was a sixteen piece series called "The Desert" which features Bible verses in their literal narratives. The pieces show stories but moreover, they comment on old religion in a comtemporary setting. All the images in my collages aresourced from stock images or ads to play off the two social ideals: the pious but wacky, self-deprecation and faith combo of Abrahamic faith, against the cheesy but aggressive, comfort and convenience centric modern west. I believe that when these ideas are juxtaposed, comedy flows naturally and that comedy serves to relax the guard that old stories have, and provides a window to look at the ideas at eye level. This style and ethos has carried on into my larger work "A New Translation of the Qur'an" and will continue into other peices until the next thing that changes my mind comes. read full statement

Location London
Activities Further education, Practice-based research, Web development