Maureen Stephenson


The more I paint the more I'm becoming obsessed with colour and the way light is reflected or refracted on objects. Colour relationships intrigue me and provide a never-ending resource for study and experimentation. I'm fascinated by fleeting light changes in nature, for example - the shadow of a passing cloud on the landscape or the ever changing colours and patterns seen in a river, sea or lake. My motivation for painting is in attempting to capture these most transient of images on canvas. Influences on my work are broad and varied and it is difficult to pin down any one thing I see as being the pivotal element which has informed my work the most; however, I am attracted to the Romantics and in particular Turner, Friedrich and Rothko. Although I do like to experiment with different media, at the moment my preferred method of working is with oils, particularly on canvas. I find oils provide the perfect vehicle for whichever way I want to work be it painting using thin glazes of colour or using the paint in a concentrated form to give a more textured surface. read full statement

Location Ashington, North East
Activities Private commissions