Maud Haya-Baviera

Maud Haya-Baviera

Artist, Film-maker

Relationships make up a large part of my work. This is where simple but unanswerable questions about identity, subjects and individual aspirations are played out. My work is an accumulation of dreamed desires, but it also encompasses incomprehensible jokes, frustration, disjointed behaviour and a romantic search, which finds itself opposed to a stable, rational and intelligible world.

I like to
play with affects, which is expressed, by some of the characters I create, through their incapacity to comply with a socially normalised identity. It is for those transient characters, who are constantly trying to fit in but who are often failing, that I create a language based on stereotypes and uncertainties.

I often refer to complex preoccupations, which I enjoy depicting within absurd situations in order to infuse my work with a subtle presence of humour. The thread of rich coloration through the work and my aspiration to create beautiful images are also a means for me to counterbalance a sense of ever-present disillusion.

I am highly inspired by literature, cinema and by any other material able to convey a sense of narration. However what matters for me, more than literary or cinematographic borrowings, is a way of looking and making, which seem to often rely on a non-linear narrative made up of fragmentary visions. I gather materials in an apparent discontinuity and use a variety of different mediums in order to convey and explore the multiple and conflicting identities of the subjects I create. I use fragmentation as an analogy for a lost but desired totality.
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Location Sheffield, Yorkshire