Maud Goldberg

MAUD GOLDBERG STATEMENT My practice is used as a catalyst to investigate the experiential in/of interior space.It explores and exposes the body-space relationship, materiality, form, tension and light. The research consists of site and non-site specific poetic and metaphorical manipulations and arrangements of materials and objects. The making process is often intuitive, an impulsive, raw response from body senses to the form and materiality of objects and of a given space; unprecedented events will sometimes determine the evolution and finalisation of work. The experiments, sculptures, installations or spatial transformations are photographed. This documentation sometimes becomes the work in itself. It is used as material for reflective practice to inform further experiments. Past work has been constructed in old industrial environments of which the purpose had become obsolete. This provided a freedom of play, the activation of a dead space and large-scale experiments. Presently, I am interested in extending the relationship between installation art and architecture through developing the architectural content of my work. My current practice is set in a domestic environment. It explores and utilises, as influential context, theories and phylosophies upon the perception and meaning of space in relation to human senses. read full statement

Location Coedpoeth, Wales