Photo: Matthew Richardson in Norwich, East

Matthew Richardson

Artist, Lecturer / academic

I explore how objects and images become significant through recognition or mis-recognition and through changes in context. I am interested in alternative histories, social myths and half-hidden stories. I am interested in the relationship between fact and fiction (and what might occupy the space in between). My practice and research derive from exploring and exploiting found imagery, objects and historic and fictional moments that are re-purposed to provoke questions of ‘believability’ and authenticity. I am looking at how images and ideas become shared, and culturally significant. Many of the images on these pages show ongoing series (or concerns) and much of the work is explored across forms - object-book-print-film. I often create work in shifting sets or sequences, which fall towards a narrative reading.

Location Norwich, East
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Publishing, Curating, Graphic Design
Artforms / type of project Digital, Mixed Media, Photography, Research, Text
Tags ruins, chance, narrative, text, assemblage, publishing, memory, fiction

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