Matt Gee

Artist, Maker, PR manager, Writer, Technician

Matt Gee's work involves covering, melting, placing, arranging, of spaces and objects as some of the processes involved in the fabrication of my work. There is a concern with the authenticity of materiality, the source of materials, jostling with the modern materialistic demands of human sensory decadent desire, a society that expects, an 'I want it now' culture. His main interests lie in questioning the source of materials, whether they are man-made or natural occurring. Gee then takes this dichotomy of the synthetic vs. the authentic and apply it to my art practice through methods of imitation, replication, and manipulation and elevate this with methods of display, albeit art museum or shop display in the case of a turntable or a library cabinet, the result can be repulsive or seductive for the viewer. An underlying theme in Gee's work is music, the titles are descriptive of the work, and also refer to famous bands such as Peal Jam or The Stone Roses. Contextually he sits between artists who use natural materials to make work such as Wolfgang Laib and Giusseppe Penone, artists who use synthetic materials to make synthetic processes such as Susan Collis, and then artists who imitate natural objects and processes such as Tim Hawkinson and Roxy Paine. Influences outside of the arts are photographs he takes of naturally occurring processes, and textures that I find interesting and display a visual dichotomy of the organic vs. the man-made. These images can range from him seeing the bridge of sighs in Venice plastered with vulgar fashion advertisement, to seeing mundane organic processes such as moss growing in a geometric and manmade formation, or a shell which has an artificial iridescent quality about it much like iridescent acetate. read full statement

Location London

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