Mathew Tucker

Early career

Artist Statement As a painter, I am interested in urban spaces, the architecture and infrastructure that make the urban both generic and instantly familiar. I look for meaning and purpose in non-places, transient spaces and the everyday mundane places that have become the connecting blocks between the 'real' places we inhabit. The generic and familiar qualities of these places become like part of my own identity whilst also forming the basis of a more collective experience. My practice is driven by large scale paintings of approximately 7' x 5' (210cm x 150) but I often make smaller works that reference moving or sequential imagery. I frequently use photographs to construct and compose my paintings but ultimately I am most interested in the process of applying the paint and it is always my intention that the finished work has a strong painterly quality and that the handling of the material remains evident. Although my pallet is broad, the overall effect of my paintings is often quite muted, verging on the monochromatic. I introduce collage and mixed media in much of my work building it up in layers with various papers, charcoal, inks, acrylic, glue and pastels. This layered effect is used to create depth and texture and by having several pictorial planes, the paintings depict familiar yet non-specific places and/ or events. My practice is influenced by numerous artists working in a variety of media from film and photography through to street art and installation. The drawings and animations of William Kentridge deserve a special mention amongst works that inform my own but I draw most of my inspiration from the paintings of Peter Doig, Anselm Keifer and Daniel Richter in particular their handling of the paint, the scale and composition. Although I address a number of themes and mediums in my work, painting and photography are central to my practice and it is the relationship between the two that most informs my output. Mathew Tucker read full statement

Location Sligo