Mary Vivienne Husted

Mary Vivienne Husted

Artist, Curator, Writer

Concepts My central concerns are with image, memory, identity and landscape. I find that different conditions of light challenge habits of perception - where or what are things ? My work uses various illusionistic devices to portray this ambiguity of the nature and location of things, and to reflect their forms and qualities. I am also interested in the use of books and notebooks as repositories of an artist's thinking processes. Whereas in my 3D work I am exploring space dimensions, in my books I am more concerned with time. Influences Aesthetic/Formal concern, Emotions, Environment/Ecology, British, own gender (Female), mythology, issues of identity, personal histories, the link between visual art and contemporary music. Career path Qualifications: 1990 BA Hons, Fine Art, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff Teaching Experience: 2007 Workshops, Newport City Museum and Art Gallery 2006 Collage workshops, UWIC, Cardiff 2005 3D workshops, UWIC, Cardiff 2004 Collage workshop and guest lectures, Chinese University of Hong Kong 2003 Collage workshops for UWIC 2002 Workshops for UWIC, Cardiff and Newport City Council Schools Programme 2000 Workshops for Camarthenshire College, Faculty of Art and for Permanent Waves Women's Arts, in Barry (part of their Isolated Communities project) 1999/00 Occasional Lecture, Foundation, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff Areas of work: Exhibiting Practice-based research Collections: New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge Broken Hill Proprietries Collection, Melbourne, Australia, Australian National University Collection, British High Commission, Canberra, Contemporary Arts Society for Wales, Newport Museum and Art Gallery - Education Collection, Private collections in Australia, Britain, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and USA.

In 2007 the finding of my first son, lost through adoption in 1963, but found via my work in the New Hall Art Collection, inspired a whole new body of work, Hush Don't Tell, which, together with a large number of related books and journals absorbed my attention for the next four years.

Since 2011 I have been engaged with a project called Open Books.  This has taken the form of a series of exhibitions of Chinese folding books.  I am both an exhibitor and curator of the project.  The initial exhibition, selected and curated by me, opened in the National Library of Wales in 2012.  it has since been shown in Cardiff, Bristol, Hangzhou, China, Brisbane and Canberra in Australia, and in November 2014, in Hong Kong.  Every new country adds local artists.  It grows as it tours.  Links to catalogues for this project:

Australia 14/04/14

China 22/10/13

Wales 2012






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Location Barry, Wales
Activities Curating, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Book Works, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting