Martin Griffiths


I am drawn towards works which celebrate transparency and are free of content, because I feel it's important to connect with the substrate of ideas - nature. My works function as channels for natural light, either sunlight or ambient light. Their subject is the active but unseen flow of nature, at the level of energy, and to experience this, the mind has to be still. At the centre of each work, there is colour, light or space. We are part of nature and belong of its flow, though often we feel separate from it. Through developing sculptures which concentrate light into radiant 'light-lines' - lines so bright they look electrically sourced but are not - I've been exploring how artworks can influence the energy-sensitive axes of the human body, the central vertical axis in particular, and in this way connect us directly to the energy of nature. I collaborate in this work with engineers, architects, scientists, musicians and photographers. All the sculptures correspond with the body - they rise from the ground with a lateral symmetry spanning a vertical axis. They mirror the way the inner axes of the body draw in, channel and radiate energy, by presenting - for example - a light-absorbing window on one plane, a light-transmitting line on the other. They use light-active materials which give sequential experiences of absorbed, volumetric, tinted, reflected and transmitted light. Through these means, the works develop a charge which resonates with the body's subtle axes, and from this pacifying and uplifting experiences can flow. Viewers' responses collated during large-scale public installations show that they can give transformative experiences in the spaces around them - experiences of energy flowing towards, around, within and above the body; inner experiences of coloured light, and states of well-being such as stillness, centredness, uplift and lightness. read full statement

Location Anderby Creek, East Midlands

News & Events

  • London Art Fair

    15/01/2014 – 19/01/2014
    Business Design Centre, Islington

    Installation of small-scale light sculptures, presented by Isis Gallery.

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