Martin Bardell


The relationship between the self and society forms my general area of interest and I am particularly keen to explore both evolving and declining aspects of social interaction. I am interested in pinpointing changes in our everyday social rituals as an attempt at charting seemingly swift societal change. In this sense I am drawn to notions of Zeitgeist, be they fading or emerging. Today's shifting experiential boundaries abstract our use of urban and rural environments, and perhaps even our notion of geographical place. A form of collective consciousness becomes muddled amidst such transformations, and social codes of conduct become increasingly elusive. Through my studio-based practice I aim to address the perceived authenticity or artificiality of our contemporary social reality. The visual language of theatricality provides a suitable theoretical space within which to explore the politics of social interaction. In this sense my recent works seek to document, however atypically, a cross-section of a shared social psychology. read full statement

Location London , London